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  • Optimizing Non-Standard Mixing Vessels

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  • 24/04/2019 - 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm KST
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  • Stirred tank reactors are widely used throughout the pharmaceutical sector for mixing, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction and crystallization. The design of these tanks is often based on empirical design equations, scale-up rules and heuristics derived from experiments conducted in standard geometry vessels with four baffles, flat bottom, standard impellers with center mounting and fill height of around one tank diameter. In contrast many mixing and reactor vessel in the chemical and process industries have non-standard configuration in terms of vessel shape, type of impeller, its location, conical/slopped bottom for ease of product discharge, arrangement of baffles etc. The correlations derived from standard configurations used in experiments are not applicable here.

    This webinar discusses how MixIT – An Enterprise Mixing Analysis Solutions developed by Tridiagonal Solutions helps the process engineers to get more insights into mixing performance of non-standard stirred tanks using advanced CFD based analysis. With MixIT process engineer can quickly estimate critical mixing performance of a for various stirred tanks configurations.

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