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  • Pipeline Erosion Assessment

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  • 31/10/2018 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am -4
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  • Sand production from oil and gas wells is a major challenge to field operations worldwide. A success of the design depends upon the ability to predict erosion rates in multiphase production of oil and gas over the life of field. Failure to address the issue will result in severe financial and environmental consequences in the form of production loss, equipment failure, etc. affecting CAPEX and/or OPEX. Current market condition demands meticulous design and optimization to balance the oil and gas recovery economics.

    Present Approaches to understand Erosion mechanisms:
    – Small Scale Erosion Tests
    – CFD Models
    – Empirical Models

    Issues with Present Erosion Mechanisms
    – What are the Technological gaps and how to close the gaps? Establishing realistic erosion rate predictions for multiphase flow, fine particles, complex geometries are difficult
    – How does over prediction and under prediction of erosion impact you?
    – How good are the empirical models? How well do they match with experimental data? Where does it break down? Which erosion model you need to pick for your case?
    – Some preliminary studies show API limits may not be always conservative

    In this webinar, you will gain insights on
    – Pipeline erosion and its cost impact throughout field life-cycle
    – Pros and cons of using the different mitigation technologies
    – Using test or inspection data to improve your understanding of the erosion mechanisms
    – Improving decision making ability during field development cycle and thereby leveraging improved production
    – Implementing a condition based maintenance program
    – What is PERMiT? Its background and salient features
    – Key PERMiT applications during design and operation phases

    Who should attend?
    Executives responsible for asset and field development, Operations, Maintenance, Integrity Management, Facility Managers, Process Engineers, Piping Engineers, Reliability Managers/Engineers.

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