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  • Scale-up your scale-up using MixIT

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  • 19/12/2018 - 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm +5.30
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  • Stirred tank reactors are one of the most critical manufacturing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the API manufacturing is done in batch stirred tank reactors. However, these batch reactors continue to pose one of the most challenging scale-up problems. One of the main challenges associated with the stirred tank reactors is the large number of design variables they involve. Each of these design variables – whether it is geometric or operational – exert their own influence on the flow behavior in the vessel. The webinar discusses the methodology that process engineers can incorporate to overcome these challenges and the tools that can be used for the purpose. The webinar also introduces MixIT – a reactor design solution created by Tridiagonal – that provides engineers with insights into flow behavior in the reactor and helps estimate critical performance parameters for a given process.
    Case Studies Will Be Demonstrated Involving Processes Like Liquid Mixing, Solids Suspension And Gas-dispersion
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    Scale-up your scale-up using MixIT
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