Tridiagonal Solutions Partners with Seeq for Advanced Process Data Analytics

Tridiagonal Solutions expands its digital solutions portfolio by providing state-of-the-art insight-based data analytical solution –Seeq ( With its large customer-base in Process Industry (Pharma, Specialty Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, etc.) worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to provide the data contextualization, cleaning and advanced analytics solution. Tridiagonal is a global implementation partner and Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) of Seeq worldwide.

Today advances in technology overcomes the data accessibility challenges and enable more effective use of data residing at various systems /databases. However, the next level of challenge is to add meaningful context to the data and derive ‘Actionable Insights’. Many process industry firms use old tools, usually spreadsheets, to derive insights from their big data, with unsatisfactory results. The gap between data and insights is widening due to lack of advanced analytics tools. The result is that opportunities for improved business results — in yield, margins, quality, and safety — are being missed every day. It is simply too hard, and takes too long, for engineers to find insights in production data using Excel, where 80% of project time is spent collecting, cleansing, and adding context to sensor data. Seeq address spreadsheet shortcomings in four areas: context, self-service, deployment, and ease of use. It accelerates the investigation of time-series data by enabling process engineers and analysts with expertise in assets, processes, and systems to more quickly discover insights.

With Seeq, you and your team can rapidly investigate and share analyses from operations and manufacturing data sources to find insights and answer questions. Designed specifically for analyzing process data, Seeq works across all verticals with time series data in historians or other storage platforms. Leveraging innovations in big data, machine learning, and web technologies, Seeq delivers easy to use features for your users and supports all phases of analytics from cleansing to reporting.

Workbench is Seeq’s application for engineers engaged in diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics with process manufacturing data.

It includes features to expedite the full arc of the analytics process, from connecting to historians to data cleansing, visualization, modeling, and calculations.

Workbench also enables organizations to leverage the work of engineers with features for real-time collaboration, knowledge capture of analytics processes for easy reuse, and the sharing of Seeq workbooks and queries among teams.

Organizer is Seeq’s application for engineers and managers to assemble and distribute Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages.

Organizer “Topics” may include text, images, scorecard items, and analyses generated in Seeq Workbench such as trending displays, scatter plots, bar charts, etc.

Employees across the organization can leverage insights created in Seeq with a “read only” view of the information and when Organizer documents are viewed in a web page (as a URL) viewers may annotate or comment on the document to share feedback with other viewers.

Tridiagonal’s team of software and process engineering experts is available to assist you in the design, deployment, and implementation of your analytics solution:

Data Cleansing, Seeq Deployment and Training

Tridiagonal’s analytics engineers provide data aggregation, cleansing with installation, deployment and training solutions to your team to ensure the successful adoption and use of Seeq in your organization.

Custom Application / Solutions

Develop custom-built / industry-specific vertical applications on the Seeq REST API which enables access to all Seeq functionality via Python, JAVA, and C#.

Data Monitoring and Tracking

Tridiagonal works with stakeholders, leveraging our data and industry expertise, to help you execute on process analytics, metrics, and knowledge-sharing implementations. We setup cross-functional teams to clean, contextualize and monitor data for various plants

Enterprise Services

Solution architecture, capacity planning, and integration with custom data sources are aspects of enterprise Seeq deployments that may be provided as professional service options.

How Seeq Solves the Problem?

  • Reduce unplanned downtime by addressing asset problems before failure
  • Lower maintenance costs through early warning maintenance alerts
  • Extend asset life by ensuring that assets are constantly adjusted to function at optimal environment settings
  • Improve product quality by managing custom defined boundaries in near real time.
  • Increase yield while reducing waste as assets work at optimal speeds and within expected boundaries
  • Optimize maintenance schedules by enabling predictive, data-driven asset maintenance evaluation and prioritization
  • Create reports quickly and easily that are segmented by audience, easily updated on pre-determined schedules, and can be distributed across multiple avenues (e.g., monitors, PCs, tablets, phones, PDFs)

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