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  • Connected Engineering Apps for faster sales and better engineering

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  • 15/10/2018 - 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm +2
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  • Engineering systems and equipment often require complex engineering analysis and calculations before coming up with the design, followed by pricing & quote. The engineering industry challenges like disconnected knowledge between the teams, sales bottleneck issues like dependency on engineering for quote approval has led the industry to not generate the quotes at a faster rate and serve potential customers thereby reducing the expected profit share for the organisation.

    What will you learn from this webinar?

    You will learn about the framework which will help you handle the above mentioned challenges. Introduction to a new offering (DPQ) which will help you digitalize your process, reduce the complexities, quote faster and deliver products at much higher quality/ lower production time.

    DPQ is a scalable, enterprise level sales enablement framework which unifies Data, Knowledge and Business rules on a single platform. While doing so it converts intangible knowledge lying with the people into tangible knowledge base accessible to anyone at anytime.  DPQ is designed to make your design process efficient and make your quotations accurate, compelling and quick.
    Detailed quotes with drawing, BoM and 3D visualization make change management easy. Forget the long quotation process, lower win rates, embrace DPQ and commit to your customers with confidence.

    Who should attend this webinar?

    • –Directors
    • –CEO / CXO
    • –Vice President
    • –Sales Head
    • –Engineering Head
    • –Manufacturing Head
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