Pharmaceutical and Medical device​

Optimizing Processes and Designs for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Industry Overview​

Tridiagonal utilizes advanced modeling techniques like CFD and DEM to support Quality by Design initiatives in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. In Pharma, we specialize in API manufacturing, powder processing, and biologics, aiding in process optimization. In Medical Device, our expertise lies in inhaler and catheter designs, patient-specific modeling, and blood flow analysis. Our focus is on accelerating product development and ensuring quality through precise control of critical parameters.


Simulation Opportunities​

Tridiagonal is actively involved in R&D projects and Joint-Industry-Programs (JIP) with global companies. Following are the Simulation Opportunities to collaborate with us.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Product Design and Development 
  • Drug Delivery Optimization
  • Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance 
  • Medical Device Safety 

Discrete Element Method
  • Tablet Compression and Coating 
  • Granulation Processes 
  • Powder Flow and Handling     
  • Medical Device Design
Process Optimization
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Bioreactors and Fermentation
  • Mixing and Stirring Processes
  • Heat Transfer Optimization
  • Flow through Pipelines and Tubes
Design Optimization
  • Medical Device Design
  • Spray Drying Optimization
  • Packaging Design
  • Regulatory Compliances

Use Cases

At Tridiagonal, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our team is dedicated to incorporating the latest developments in Pharmaceutical and Medical devices, such as Product Design and Development by leveraging state-of-the-art simulation tools into our consulting services. To realise our experience of CFD, DEM and Process Optimization in detail, please refer our case-studies.

Why Choose Us

Why Tridiagonal?

Innovation as Standard
Successfully delivered 1000+ projects

Proven track record of working for more than two decades in space of CAE consulting

Generative AI

30+ experts having masters & PHD

Tailored Strategies
Engagement Models

Flexible options including time and material, dedicated centers, and project-specific arrangements

Seamless Integration
Holistic approach of problem solving

Coupling of CFD, FEA & DEM gives a holistic approach of problem solving 

Proven Track Record
Platform Diversity

We are astute at using tools like Openfoam, ANSYS, Star CCM+, LS Dyna and Rocky,

Multi Skilled Expertise
GUI Development

Capable to develop a dedicated GUI to run higher number simulation in single area.


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