Metals & Cement ​

Unlocking Peak Performance with Cutting-Edge Simulations

Metals, Mining & Cement -
Advance Modeling & Simulation (CFD/FEA)

Industry Overview​

Tridiagonal has considerable experience to work for Steel, Aluminum & Cement manufacturers. As these manufacturing processes are so complex and carried out using complex equipment. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of process dynamics for efficient performance. Tridiagonal engineers can provide you insights using cutting edge simulations technologies like CFD, FEA & DEM. We are working with renowned Steel, aluminum & cement manufacturing plants and plant erecting companies to facilitate troubleshooting & analyzing root cause of failure


What we do​

Tridiagonal has wide range of applications for Cement industry. Our CFD engineers can optimize Kiln design by studying heat transfer & modeling burner arrangements and flow in Cyclone pre-heater & calciner. We can also model flue gas cleaning systems like ESP & Bag filter to achieve better emission control. Our FEA engineers predict failure points by evaluating different types of stresses in Kiln & Mills. Also, we do structural integrity assessment of Silos to avoid potential collapse.

For Metal producing industry our capabilities are extended to model electromagnetic forces induced in metal baths

Cement Industry​
  • CFD modeling of Kiln
  • Flow optimization in flue gas cleaning systems,Cyclone Preheater & calciners
  • FE analysis to predict failure points of kiln shell & silos
Steel Industry​
  • Combustion Modeling of Blast furnace
  • Thermal analysis of blow pipe
  • Ensuring optimal molten metal flow through tundish
  • DEM for coal Hoppers & conveyer systems
Aluminum Industry​
  • Analysing electromagnetic forces for stationary metal bath flow
  • Thermal & Structural Analysis Results
  • Multiphysics Simulation
  • Digital Twin
  • Reduced Order Modeling

Use Cases

Tridiagonal has wide range of applications For Metal & Cement industry. Our engineers have considerable experience of Modeling and Simulations for different applications involved in Steel, Aluminum & Cement production using technologies like CFD, FEA and DEM. Our analyses are useful to enhance overall performance of plant and troubleshooting in case of failures.

Why Choose Us

Why Tridiagonal?

Generative AI
Successfully delivered 1000+ projects

Proven track record of working for more than two decades in space of CAE consulting

Innovation as Standard

30+ experts having masters & PHD

Engagement Models​
Engagement Models​

Flexible options including time and material, dedicated centers, and project-specific arrangements

Seamless Integration
Holistic approach of problem solving​

Coupling of CFD, FEA & DEM gives a holistic approach of problem solving

Proven Track Record
Platform Diversity​

We are astute at using tools like Openfoam, ANSYS, Star CCM+, LS Dyna and Rocky

Multi Skilled Expertise
Work-flow Automation ​

Automating processes from geometry creation to Simulation in Simcenter 3D


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