Process Engineering Solution

The Process Engineering team at Tridiagonal is composed of a team of expert Chemical and Mechanical Engineers servicing the process industry segment over the last ten years in two key areas namely Process Development and Manufacturing.

Experimental Testing and Validation

Tridiagonal team recognizes the value experiments bring to solving flow enhancement and process development problems. Our expert EFD Solutions team is composed of Engineers and technicians with expertise in Design, Fabrication, Instrumentation etc

CFD Modelling And Simulation

The Success of a CFD analysis project is dependent on meshing approach and mesh quality. The Tridiagonal team uses leading tools such as Gambit, Tgrid, HyperMesh and the ANSYS meshing platform, so that “physics-relevant” meshes can be generated.

Discrete Element Modelling

Tridiagonal offers consulting services for gaining enhanced process understanding and problem solving through DEM and coupled DEM-CFD simulations, experimental validation, prototyping services and preparing scale up/down guidelines.

Software Development Services

Tridiagonal follows AGILE methodology for all the software development work. All required peripherals are developed keeping customer requirements at the focal point. All our codes have been extensively validated over range of applications.



Case Studies

Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data

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