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Future of flow is unfolding through rigorous testing, validation & proof of concept, upgrade the technology from TRL 3 to TRL 10 & shape the future of green energy.

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Tridiagonal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., leveraging one of the Asia's largest experimentation lab and field-scale flow testing facilities to access indispensable production enhancement data. For over 15+ years, we've been catering to the needs of Fortune 500 companies, to bridge the gap between data and informed decision-making, providing validation and proof of concept for optimal field operations.



As a distinguished centre of excellence, with a strong process background, a combination of skill sets, and a sturdy partner eco-system, we have been quite capably supporting corporate R&D groups, Process Technologists, Plant Operations, and Maintenance teams with a multitude of services and solutions. We are specialized in a comprehensive range of multiphase flow testing and process optimization ranging from wax and asphaltene deposition, transportation of sand, liquid metal, hydrate & CO2. Our expertise extends to corrosion testing on both lab and pilot scale, Erosion testing for screens, elbows, valves, burst collapse, sand blast, sand retention, ICD testing and new technology scaling up solution form TRL3 to TRL10 for CCUS, H2, and EOR.

Flow Assurance

Improve the productivity of process by incorporating optimal Wax Mitigation, Asphaltene Management, Sand Management, Liquid Metal, Hydrate & CO2 Transport, Pipeline Flow Analysis, Flow Regime Identification, Inhibitor Screening, Modeling Validation, Slurry Rheology, and Erosion testing.

Erosion Testing

Comprehensive assessment for Component Wear Analysis (Screen, Valve, elbows, joints, pipes, etc), Erosion Resistance Evaluation, Surface Damage Assessment, Erosion Rate Measurement, Validation and Correction of Models, Mechanism Investigation, Protective Coating Performance Testing, Equipment Integrity Assurance, Sand Blast, Sand Retention, and ICD Testing.

Corrosion Testing

Lab and field scale assessment to ensure material integrity at each stage of development.

New Energy Validation

Advancing Technology from TRL3 to TRL 10, CCUS-Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Sustainable Energy Transition, Carbon Offset Implementation, Green Hydrogen Technology Testing & Validation, Renewable Power Integration Battery Testing.


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Explore the breadth and depth of our Tridiagonal Solutions technology validation & scale-up solutions in production enhancement.

Why Tridiagonal?

Tridiagonal Solutions, a top facility in Asia, offers cost-effective flow assurance testing for Oil & Gas majors. We are specialized in multiphase flow, erosion-corrosion, wax deposition, and sand management, etc. We collaborate with industry leaders, consultants, EPCs, OEMs and service providers, with flexible business models.

State of the Art Facility
State of the Art Facility

250k+ sq. ft. facility, Advanced equipment's, Lab & field scale testing, 24/7 utility

Domain Experts
Domain Experts
50+ domain experts with Masters, Ph.D.'s, Consultants.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

Leverage cheap labour and pre-built loops tailored to client needs.

Quick Turnaround
Quick Turnaround
Quick testing, Single-window for analysis, verification, validation.
Custom-Built Set-Up
Custom-Built Set-Up

Our EPC team creates custom skids quickly. Local network accelerates projects.

Value Creation
Value Creation

Deploying sustainable practices to efficiently create and deliver value for customers.

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Practice Heads

Damo Vedapuri
Dr. Damo Vedapuri
Head – North American Operations
Dr. Damo Vedapuri is the Head of North American Operations at Tridiagonal Solutions.

He has 20 years of experience in solving a wide range of fluid flow problems in the Oil and Gas industry. Some of his core focus areas are Erosion, Erosion – Corrosion, Sand Management, and Slurry Multiphase Flow. Dr. Damo has graduated from the Institute of Corrosion and Multiphase Technology at Ohio University with a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering. He is a member of SPE and actively publishes his group’s research in SPE, OTC, NACE and BHR conferences.

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Dr. Jatin Agarwal
Dr. Jatin Agarwal
Program Director, Experimental Fluid Dynamics
Dr. Jatin R. Agarwal is having double Master’s and Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering.

His research interest is Investigation of wax deposition problem in crude oil pipelines. He has recently joined Tridiagonal Solutions P. Ltd (TSPL) as a Program Director, Experimental Fluid Dynamics group. Before joining TSPL, he has worked as Business Development Manager and Assistant Professor at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), India. During his tenure at PDPU, he was instrumental in establishing state of art Drilling, Cementing and Stimulation Research Center and Enhanced Oil Recovery Consultancy Group for catering the needs of local as well as global E&P companies. He taught subjects like Pipeline engineering, Advance drilling technology and introduction to Petroleum Engineering and mentored start-ups in energy sector. Prior to PDPU, he worked as Research Assistant at Tulsa University Paraffin Deposition Projects (TUPDP). He has presented several conference papers and published several journal articles in reputed conferences and journals. He has also authored a book named Offshore Operations and Engineering with CRC press of Taylor and Francis group.

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Lee Rhyne
Dr. Lee Rhyne
With 44+ yrs experience, Dr. Lee is working as consultant and earned his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of North Carolina.

He has worked on flow problems with Chevron in upstream, midstream, refining, LNG, and chemical areas such as Heat Transfer, Sand Transport, Sand Management, Erosion, Multiphase Separation.

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Ravindra Joshi
Dr. Ravindra Joshi
With 33+ yrs experience, Dr. Ravindra serves as a Consultant overseeing operations, maintenance, and construction of new facilities.

He holds MS degree in Civil Engineering from Pune University and Ph.D. in the energy sector. His expertise lies in erecting large chemical plants, operational excellence, EPCM, modular engineering.

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