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  • PERMiT – Hands-on training on Data Science, Erosion Science and CFD Methods

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  • 07/03/2019 - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
  • 10700 Richmond Avenue, Suite 100, Houston, Texas , 77042, United States
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  • Solid particle erosion is one of the principal modes of pipeline failures.  A reliable prediction of erosion rates is imperative in the design and operation of oil and gas production facilities over the life of field. Failure to address the erosion risks will result in severe financial and environmental consequences in the form of production loss, equipment damage, release of hydrocarbons, etc. leading to substantial increase in OPEX.  Current market condition demands optimal design and operation.

    Current Approaches to estimate and manage Erosion includes:

    –Lab and Field Scale Erosion Tests

    –CFD Models

    –Empirical Models

    –Data driven models

    Empirical models are the most traditional route to estimating erosion. There are several models available. It is important to understand their limitations when utilizing them. Models tend to vary by an order of magnitude amongst themselves in their estimates of operational envelopes.

    CFD modeling of Erosion has gained significant traction over the last decade. The predictive capabilities match quiet closely with experiments in single phase systems. They also provide details on erosion hot spots. This is extremely critical when complex geometries need to be monitored.

    Data driven models in the last few years have gained significant interest in the industry. While the tools available for statistical analysis of large volumes of data have significantly advanced, key challenges stem from quality of data and understanding of underlying science that governs a process. Data collection, cleansing, methods to deal with missing data are some of the key questions that need addressed.

    PERMiT, is a purpose-built application that enables design and pipeline integrity engineers to predict and mitigate erosion. PERMiT brings erosion science, CFD methods, and data science into a single tool kit.

    In this training you will get hands-on experience and learn how PERMiT can be used to:

    –Estimate erosion and predict operational envelopes

    –Run a fully automated desktop CFD analysis

    –Utilize data analytics to predict erosion trends and optimize real-time operations


    What the participants will gain?

    –Insights on how various parameters affecting erosion can be studied using the CFD framework.

    — Tools used during drilling and completions, revitalization, etc. can experience very high erosion rates. Learn how they can be optimized using CFD to reduce erosion.

    — Case studies on live projects.

    –Certificate of Attendance – signed by your tutor

    –Attendees will receive a 60 day trial license of PERMiT.


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    Who should attend?

    –Executives responsible for asset and field development,

    –Head of Operations

    –Maintenance Managers, Integrity Management, Facility Managers

    –Senior Process Engineers

    –Senior Piping Engineers

    –Reliability Managers/Engineers


    1. Dr. Damodaran Vedapuri (Correlations/Empirical)
    2. Praveen Kumar (CFD)
    3. Mothi (DataE)

    About Tridiagonal Solutions

    Tridiagonal Solutions specializes in CFD, DEM & other engineering simulation techniques along with customized software solutions development. It has helped several fortune 500 customers with development of engineering tools & CFD automation using commercial as well as open source technologies and integrating the same with engineering design procedures and business rules.

    10700 Richmond Avenue,
    Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77042

    Office cell: 210-487-8343

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