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World demand for more electrical power generation is driving companies to develop new processes with improvement in efficiencies, increase in power generation capacity and decrease in the environmental impacts to quality of life. Our services are in great demand within the power generation industry segment. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) methods are used to simulate and predict fluids and solids flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and chemical reactions. Based on solid research and application experience Tridiagonal has developed the expertise to create CFD and DEM models of various unit operations in a power generation facility that correlate well to pilot and plant measurements. The benefits from our field of work are to speed up design times, improve efficiencies and process performance, improve environmental (health & nature) factors and lower operating costs that lead to good corporate stewardship to meet this world demand.

We have expertise in modeling a wide range of feed stocks – coal, bagasse, biomass, heavy oils, natural gas and mixed fuels. We also have expertise in modeling all of the key unit operations – feed processing and transport systems, combustion units, heat recovery and pollutant control systems. Recent pressures on NOx reduction have reemphasized the need to improve the efficiency of the combustion processes. We are involved in numerous projects across the industry in assisting customers on NOx reduction projects.

Tridiagonal consults and identifies process points that benefit from process flow modeling (CFD, DEM, EFD, UDF) solutions to address the problems common to the power generation industry.

Tridiagonal Solution Spotlights

  • Solid, liquid & gaseous fuel combustion
  • Solids handling – conveyers, hoppers, pneumatic transport lines
  • Boilers, Incinerators, Process Heaters, Rotary Kilns, Gasifiers and Oxidizers
  • Heat Recovery Units
  • Environmental systems – Scrubbers, Bag Houses, Cyclones &
    Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Fans & Blowers
  • Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine Analysis
  • Air & flue gas duct analysis, Wind box analysis
  • Flare Modeling, Smoke dispersion
  • Pollution control & reduction
  • Customized UDF for multiphase heat transfer and combustion

Case Studies

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