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Consumer product companies are focused on accelerating their design and innovation process and improving product experience for their consumers. Connecting the dots between the product chemistry, its manufacturing process and its performance is extremely critical.Expertise in High speed manufacturing is another critical area. Improving product & process performance and design of high speed manufacturing equipment requires one to solve challenging fluid dynamic problems. Some common examples are foaming issues when filling liquid products into bottles, mixing challenges when manufacturing emulsions, fire hazard when making paper products, uniformity of adhesive coatings on films & labels to name a few. Tridiagonal consultants assist consumer product companies in solving these complex problems using both experimental and CFD methods.

Process Engineering and Development team in food companies are focused on design of new processes, improving energy utilization, reducing risks of microbial contamination, reducing process scale up times and solving manufacturing problems. Food contamination incidents in recent past have spurred a number of HACCP initiatives that require identification of critical control parameters and their impact on product safety. Tridiagonal team is experienced in solving process problems in all of these areas. We can help develop new process technologies, improve process performance and insure products are free of microbial contaminations. Our unit operations expertise is in mixing tanks, heat exchangers, separators, spray dryers, roasters, extraction systems, rotor-stator and high pressure emulsifier, retorts, fluid coaters to name a few.

Tridiagonal Solutions Spotlights

  • Mixing studies – liquid blending, solid suspensions, non-Newtonian Fluids, Coarcervation, Emulsions
  • Liquid filling – aeration, emulsion instability and break down
  • Food Drying and Roasting
  • HACCP Implementation
  • Software Development for Mixing and HACCP initiatives
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Separation technologies – cyclone, bag filter, electrostatic precipitation, gravity separator, centrifuges
  • Coating, Granulation and Spray Drying
  • Controlled release and encapsulation

Case Studies

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