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Chemists and Chemical Engineers are focused on transforming raw materials into value added products. Transformation can be both physical and chemical. To accomplish this, the industry relies on discovery of new catalysts and synthesis routes, design of efficient reactor frame works and separation methods. While conventional approaches to discovery and development have relied on experiments, current market pressures have encouraged coupling of computational models with experiments to accelerate the development process.

The Chemical Process Industries team at Tridiagonal is focused on servicing the chemical and bioenergy companies. The team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Mixing
  • Reactor design and scale up
  • Design of Lab and Pilot Scale Equipment
  • Develop software tools for mixing applications
  • Convert batch to continuous processes

The team has expertise in design and optimization of a wide range of reactor frameworks – stirred tanks, packed beds, fluidized beds, bubble columns, slurry bubble columns, trickle bed and tubular reactors. We also have expertise and experience in working on a wide range of chemistries such as oxidation, hydrogenation, chlorination and polymerization to name a few. The team has experience working on a wide range of scales starting from microreactors with fluid volumes in milliliter range to large commercial bioreactors with fluid volumes exceeding a million gallons.

Our unique strength is our ability to develop high fidelity process models that are scale independent and use these models to design and optimize process equipment. Our services have helped our customers to reduce R&D costs, minimize environmental hazards, conserve energy and rationalize operations to impact product & process performance and ultimately improve corporate profitability.

Besides reactors, we also solve flow, heat and mass transfer problems in ancillary equipment. We have analyzed and improved performance of heat exchangers, static mixers, V-blenders, hoppers, spray dryers, fluid bed coaters, combustion equipment, process heaters, filtration equipment, separators and flotation cells, just to name a few.

Case Studies

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