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Tridiagonal follows AGILE methodology for all the software development work. All required peripherals are developed keeping customer requirements at the focal point.

Application Specific Software Development

Automation of CFD work flow is very common. Automation makes it possible to deploy complex computing technology at the hands of practitioners in a reliable manner. The process usually starts by creating geometry models and ends with alphanumeric results, reports and animations. It passes through several steps such as geometry clean up, mesh generation, application of boundary conditions and performing CFD simulations via deployment of predefined solution strategy. Tridiagonal team is helping its customers by making appropriate selection of commercial and open source tools, developing complete integration of the process and ensuring success in deployment modeling strategy. Graphical User Interface driven computations via web enabled, desktop and client-server application software are being developed by our team. Based on the customer requirements commercial platforms likes ANSYS-FLUENT, AccuSolve and open source platforms such as OpenFOAM are used for automation. Examples of some applications developed are:

  • Stirred tank simulation software
  • Crude oil blending simulation software
  • Wind flow predictions over terrains
  • Non Newtonian slurry flow simulator
  • Numerical experimentation laboratory for academic institutes
  • ANSYS-Workbench customization for Orifice placement for mixing of non Newtonian streams
  • Activated sludge based waste water treatment plant simulator

Physics Development and Solver Customization

CFD solvers often need customization to incorporate additional physics. Commercial codes like Ansys-FLUENT provide capability to write user defined functions and coupled them with the solver. Whereas, open source platforms like, OpenFOAM allows the users to develop their own solvers. In either case, the onus to create a robust software lies with the user.

Tridiagonal team is highly experienced in development of UDF as well as new solvers with cross compatibility of physics. Some exampled of our capability are:

  • Augmentation of discrete phase model to include particle charge effects for representation of electrostatic precipitation using FLUENT
  • Development of food grain drying model with FLUENT
  • Incompressible heat transfer solver with property variations within OpenFOAM
  • Mass less, One way and Two way coupled particulate transport solver in OpenFOAM
  • Foam solver with N phase VOF and multiple species in first phase

All our codes have been extensively validated over range of applications with published literature as well as by comparison with other commercial solvers/ experimental observations. The deployment supports local serial execution on desktop/laptops as well as parallel simulations on HPC environment.

Technical Support, Training and Mentoring

CFD methodologies are complex and do need some hand holding. The need is felt strongly in case of open source platforms. Lots of syntax, new terminology and non availability of quality training material makes it hard for any beginner to perform at professional level.

  • Short term and Long term Training courses
  • Application specific Mentoring program
  • Technical Support Packages (Email, Telephone, On site)

Case Studies

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