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The FEA provides insight into the safety of equipment as well as design optimization. It helps to reduce the product design life cycle.

Meshing is critical part of any FEA project. Tridiagonal team uses HyperMesh, Ansys Meshing Platform with workbench as meshing tools.

Tridiagonal team uses primarily Ansys Mechanical as a solver. Tridiagonal team has experience in the linear static analysis, Thermal analysis, modal analysis, Harmonic response, Fatigue analysis to predict the life span.

Our vast experience in CFD allows us to solve FEA problems where the source of loads or vibrations comes from CFD analysis. Tridiagonal team has unique expertise in solving CFD – FEA loosely coupled problems.  CFD simulations are performed to get pressure profiles on the structure or the flow induced forcing frequencies. FEA is performed by applying these loads to analyze the stress or deflections etc.

Case Studies

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