Erosion – Corrosion Multiphase Flow Loop

The Erosion Corrosion Multiphase flow loop is a large diameter flow loop constructed with an objective to understand the synergy effects of erosion and corrosion. Erosion and Corrosion Studies at Flow Loop scale have been typically studied independently. Hence, there is very little understanding on their synergy. The Tridiagonal large diameter flow loop is designed to study corrosion, erosion and erosion-corrosion. Acceleration of corrosion due to erosive effects of solid particles and liquid droplet impingement are analyzed for wet gas and multiphase flow conditions. Corrosion studies can be conducted in liquid, wet gas and multiphase conditions.

Flow Loop Specification

Pipe size4 inch 
Liquid velocity 0.1 to 1.0 m/s
Gas velocity5 to 40 m/s
Pressure1 bar
Gas phaseCO2 and CO2/N2
Liquid phaseOil and Salt Water / Water  
Other Facilities:
Erosion Test Facility
Sand Screen Erosion Testing
Multiphase Flow and Sand Transport Facility
Liquid Entrainment Test Facility
Multiphase Wax Deposition Testing

Case Studies

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