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Multiphase Wax Deposition Testing Facility

An extremely unique asset, the multiphase wax deposition test facility offers the Oil and Gas industry an opportunity to conduct field scale wax deposition tests in a 4 inch and 2 inch test facility. Tests are conducted with crude oil and model oils in single phase, two phase oil-water and three phase oil-water-gas flow conditions. We currently have an active JIP involving three oil and gas majors. Studies on validation of cold flow technologies, performance of coatings and inhibitors are also conducted. A key focus area is to enable development of wax deposition models. Data collected in identical conditions in 2 inch and 4 inch provide researchers an opportunity to understand scale up effects. The facility is staffed with three shifts of operators and is able to conduct long terms tests to provide insights into aging effects. High resolution DP cells allow us to track wax deposition over time. At the end of the test, wax deposits are pigged to quantify the deposit.

Flow Loop Specification:

Test section diameter4 inch and 2 inch
Test section length43 m
Reynolds number1,500 to 10,000
Superficial gas velocity0 to 10 m/s
Superficial liquid velocity0 to 1.25 m/s
Cooling capacity30 TR
Wall temperature45 to 90 F
Crude oil temperature50 to 110 F
Glycol temperature40 to 70 F
FluidsCrude Oil, Mineral Oils, Water and Air
MeasurementsDP and Mass of Wax Deposit
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Case Studies

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