Power Renewables

Industry Overview

In the rapidly evolving power generation sector, encompassing both thermal and renewable energies, the imperative to minimize operational expenditures while maximizing efficiency has never been more critical. Furthermore, the transition towards renewable energy source adds another layer of complexity to operational optimization, given the intermittent nature of resources like wind and solar power.


Dx Opportunities

Power generation sector with flexible operations demands for real time optimization to ensure the health and performance of assets across the site remain at the highest possible levels. With the scale of energy generation, the opportunity to optimize fuel, improve the efficiency of the critical assets based on the historical and real time data needs to be fulfilled. Tridiagonal excels in applying these technologies on a grand scale, enabling power generation entities to realize their full operational potential through enhanced efficiency, innovation, and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Energy Management

Implementing the best of AI models to maximize the power generation potential through open loop forecasting algorithms. Predict the fuel consumption against actual fuel consumption with power generation potential. Optimize the water consumption in reheaters to cooling tower energy consumption reduction.

Optimization of coal consumption in boilers, Reheater spray optimization in boilers, steam loss monitoring in the plant wide network, Power generation prediction for solar and wind assets

Predictive Maintenance

Detect the future unwanted failures due to unplanned downtime and overhauls for the critical rotating assets. Estimate the critical process parameters correlated with the failure modes in real time operations.

Failure prediction in HP turbines using chemical deposition, Tube failures in boilers, optimization of startup and shutdown operations, Performance monitoring of compressors/pumps using 1st principle models, soiling prediction in solar assets

Predictive Quality

Soft sensors for prediction of the lab parameters including the chemical and dissolved gas analysis. Estimate the parameters which are highly correlated with the quality variables to interpret and derive actionable insight for improving the life of the critical operations.

Dissolved gas analysis for transformers, Water quality prediction for efficient cooling tower operations, flue gas profile analysis at various operating scenarios

Process Optimization

Optimize the resources consumed per unit power generated using AI based models. Prediction of the heat rate in real-time to operate the assets at efficient conditions. Flexible operations allow for the operators to continuously identify the opportunities for optimization in real time operations.

PH spray optimization, Anomaly detection in Working oil temperature in boiler feedwater pump, Optimization of the feed make up water in cooling tower operations, Improving the efficiency of the solar and wind assets

Generative AI

Analysis and interpretation of the unstructured reports in correlation with the time series parameters to discover the hidden patterns. Generative AI based chatbot for easy access of the unstructured documents generated on daily basis.

Interpretation of RCA reports for improving the reliability of the critical assets, Alarm report analytics, Analysis of historical coal consumption trends using its quality reports

Operator Training Simulator (OTS)

An Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is a high fidelity, computer based system that enhances operator skills, safety, and efficiency in complex industrial environments by providing a realistic, risk-free training environment. It ensures operators are well-prepared for both routine and emergency situations, contributing significantly to the overall success and safety of the organization.

Realistic Training Environments, Risk Free Simulations, Scenario-Based Learning, Performance Tracking, Knowledge Retention, Regulatory Compliance are the highlights of OTS.

Use Cases

Despite of the ever-growing market and dynamic changes digital is still harnessed to catalyse the solutions for various industrial challenges across the value chain. Find below the list of use cases specific to shop floor interests addressing various challenges encountered within the power generation sector.

Accelerate your Dx transformation projects with Smart Apps and Time-to-value (TTV) program

Integrate ready-to-deploy smart apps with your existing IT-OT infrastructure and scale across plants.

Tridiagonal Solutions launches ‘Process optimization framework’ for manufacturing industry. We optimize processes for energy, efficiency, quality using cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise. From custom column design to process intensification, we're driving innovation for a sustainable future.

Leveraging these frameworks allows the industry to implement the ML models at scale.


Time to Value program leverages advanced scalability frameworks to deliver superior analytics solutions to manufacturing industries. Designed for rapid implementation, our program ensures larger delivery with unparalleled speed and efficiency. By utilizing scalability frameworks, we significantly reduce the time and cost associated for standard approaches. and accelerates deployment, allowing manufacturers to quickly gain insights and drive improvements in their operations. With our program, clients benefit from faster, data-driven decision-making, enhanced productivity, and a swift return on investment, making it the optimal choice for modern manufacturing analytics projects.

Why Choose Us

Why Tridiagonal?

Team new
300+ experts with masters and Ph.D’s in chemical engineering. 
Consulting Expertise
Consulting Expertise
More than 100 man years of experience in providing consulting solutions for power sectors.
Solution new
Frameworks which allows for debottlenecking and troubleshooting the BTG operations and maintain the uptime of the critical assets.
Engagement models
Engagement models
Flexible options including time and material, dedicated centers, and project-specific arrangements
Value Creation
Value Creation
Deploying best practices and methods to efficiently create and deliver value for customers. 
Multi Skilled Expertise
Multi Skilled Expertise

Team having exposure and expertise of developing scalable solutions across multiple platforms.


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