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Industry Overview

With the growing demand for global medicinal drugs, industries face the necessity to optimize their overall costs to sustain and meet market needs. Additionally, market dynamics require continuous improvement through the identification of opportunities to optimize equipment running costs and raw material expenses by maximizing utilization to achieve optimal production levels. Data-driven techniques have proven effective in enabling companies to enhance the performance of their shop floor processes and assets in real-time.


Dx Opportunities

Ensuring quality assurance and optimal production levels is often challenging, subordinated with lot of dependencies associated with the nature of the batch operations itself. “Quality is never in real-time!” – makes it even more difficult for the engineers to make effective decision. Informed decision making is critical to prioritize and ensure consistent batch product quality, maximize utilization and optimize OEE. This demands for continuous monitoring and tracking of the KPIs of which some are measured, some are siloed and some are derived. Using our value based offerings for life-sciences, organization can reap the benefits in the following areas below:

Energy Management

Optimizer the overall carbon footprint through digital intervention by optimizing the fuel, water and steam consumption across entire site operations. Real time optimization of the utilities operations including boilers, HVAC, air compressors, CIP and others.

Optimization of energy consumption in compressed air network, CIP cycle optimization, Reducing the batch wastages by minimizing the off-specs.

Predictive Maintenance

Improving the OEE and utilization of the batch assets and reducing the unplanned downtimes in the critical operations including utilities for maximum productivity.

End of cycle prediction of RO membranes in purified water generation unit, predictive maintenance of autoclaves and batch centrifuges, Prediction of anomalies in the VHP units.

Predictive Quality

Soft sensors for prediction of the lab measurements for the critical batch operations such as drying, bioreactions, filtration and separation. Improving the control strategy for batches with real time visibility of lab parameters.

%LOD prediction in dryers, Yield prediction in batch bioreactors, Hardness prediction in tablet press operations, granules quality prediction in fluid bed granulators.

Batch Optimization

Optimize of the raw material consumption and batch KPIs such as cycle time, conversion improvements in real time using hybrid modeling approach.

Batch reactors optimization using hybrid modeling, Improving the performance of centrifuges by predicting turbidity, optimization of the chromatography operations.

Generative AI

Leverage the zero shot and few shots LLMs to interpret and analyze the unstructured dimensions. Integrate the interpretation from quality reports, product compliance report, incident reports and many others for improving the productivity and gaining deeper insights about the operational dynamics.

Alarm report analytics, Certificate of Analysis report interpretation, conversational AI for batch compliance and end of batch report.

Use Cases

Despite of the ever-growing market and dynamic changes digital is still harnessed to catalyze the solutions for various industrial challenges across the value chain. Find below the list of use cases specific to shop floor interests addressing various challenges encountered within the life science and pharmaceutical sector:

Accelerate your Dx transformation projects with Smart Apps and Time-to-value (TTV) program

Integrate ready-to-deploy smart apps with your existing IT-OT infrastructure and scale across plants.
Codified apps with guided workflow to address the business problems in Lifesceinces and Pharmaceuticals

Deploy smart apps for Golden-batch analysis, Batch-to-batch comparison, Bioreactor Yield prediction, OEE and predictive maintenance of critical assets (Centrifuge machines, Reactor, Lyophilizer, Tablet Press machine, Granulators, etc.), Soft-sensor for real time quality prediction, HVAC and air Compressors energy optimization, Gen AI for manufacturing, etc.


Time to Value program leverages advanced scalability frameworks to deliver superior analytics solutions to manufacturing industries. Designed for rapid implementation, our program ensures larger delivery with unparalleled speed and efficiency. By utilizing scalability frameworks, we significantly reduce the time and cost associated for standard approaches. and accelerates deployment, allowing manufacturers to quickly gain insights and drive improvements in their operations. With our program, clients benefit from faster, data-driven decision-making, enhanced productivity, and a swift return on investment, making it the optimal choice for modern manufacturing analytics projects.

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Why Tridiagonal?

Team new
Combination of skillsets with Lifesceinces / pharma domain experts
Consulting Expertise
Consulting Expertise
Supporting global leaders in their Dx transformation journey with our industry expertise.
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Frameworks which allows for improving the KPIs and reducing the carbon footprint.
Engagement models
Engagement Models
Flexible engagement models to ensure scaling of Dx transformation programs
Value Creation
Value Creation
Deploying best practices and methods to efficiently create and deliver value for customers
Multi Skilled Expertise
Multi Skilled Expertise
Expertise in developing and deploying solutions across multiple platforms/ solutions

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