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Industry Overview

In the face of rising global demand for raw materials, the metals, minerals, and cement industry faces the challenge of handling dynamic demand patterns while prioritizing environmental responsibility and cost reduction. Digital technologies become a key enabler to optimize processes intricately. AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to identify inefficiencies, predict equipment failures, and optimize production schedules, leading to reduced energy consumption, minimized waste, and increased resource efficiency. This fosters sustainable production practices while enhancing operational performances, profitability and ensures competitiveness in an ever-evolving market landscape.


Dx Opportunities

The convergence of digitization, vast data volumes, and large-scale operations presents an expansive opportunity. Despite the expanding potential, this sector faces disparity between digital aspirations and actual implementation impacting the digital effectiveness. Tridiagonal specialize at implementing these technologies at scale and helps can unlock the full potential of their operations, by driving efficiency, innovation, and environmental stewardship simultaneously.

Energy Management

Leverage predictive models to reduce the carbon footprint of the overall processing facility by maintaining the optimal consumption of fuel and other resources such as water, steam and air

Energy optimization of air compressors, CIP cycle water consumption optimization, Optimization of chillers, Energy consumption optimization for critical drives.

Predictive Maintenance

Improve the availability, maintainability of critical assets through the digital intervention. Improve the performance of batch reactors, motors, compressors and heat exchangers

Compressors performance prediction, Predictive maintenance of heat exchangers, bearing failure prediction motors, Asset utilization and OEE

AI Based Inferential

Using non-linear inferentials for predicting the feed, fuel and product quality in real time. Prediction of batch product quality with consideration of the feed stock changes and operating conditions in real time to ensure the quality specifications are met

Prediction of product yield in batch reactors, Prediction of water quality in cooling tower operations

Batch Optimization

Minimize the grade transition period and product off-specifications through AI based prescriptive analytics. Operate at the maximum possible efficiency with optimal cycle time in order to improve continuously.

Raw material consumption optimization, golden batch analytics, OEE, Yield improvement

Generative AI

Leverage the zero shot and few shots LLMs to interpret and analyze the unstructured dimensions. Integrate the interpretation from quality reports, product compliance report, incident reports and many others for improving the productivity and gaining deeper insights about the operational dynamics.

Alarm report analytics, RCA/Incident reports correlation with real time process anomalies, conversational AI for real-time production information.

Use Cases

In the Food, Beverages and CPG industry, digital solutions are critical for addressing increasing difficulties across the value chain. By embracing technology, firms may improve efficiency, streamline operations, and respond to changing market dynamics, assuring long-term growth and competitiveness in today's fast changing world:

Accelerate your Dx transformation projects with Smart Apps and Time-to-value (TTV) program

Integrate ready-to-deploy smart apps with your existing IT-OT infrastructure and scale across plants.

Tridiagonal Solutions launches ‘Process optimization framework’ for manufacturing industry. We optimize processes for energy, efficiency, quality using cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise. From custom column design to process intensification, we're driving innovation for a sustainable future.

Leveraging these frameworks allows the industry to implement the ML models at scale.


Time to Value program leverages advanced scalability frameworks to deliver superior analytics solutions to manufacturing industries. Designed for rapid implementation, our program ensures larger delivery with unparalleled speed and efficiency. By utilizing scalability frameworks, we significantly reduce the time and cost associated for standard approaches. and accelerates deployment, allowing manufacturers to quickly gain insights and drive improvements in their operations. With our program, clients benefit from faster, data-driven decision-making, enhanced productivity, and a swift return on investment, making it the optimal choice for modern manufacturing analytics projects.

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Consulting Expertise
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