Digital Transformation in Process Manufacturing

An end-to-end execution partner for Chemical 4.0 programs (IT-OT integration, Advanced data analytics, Energy optimization, Generative AI)

About Practice

Tridiagonal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (TSPL) is an Industry 4.0 solutions and implementation consultant, leveraging Industry 4.0 tech stacks to implement Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation solutions. We bring combination of tools, techniques, expertise, and solutions to support various initiatives (such as APM, APC, Digital Twin, Remote monitoring, Sustainability, Digital Workforce, etc.) of our customers. We work with a strong partner ecosystem and its state-of-the- art solutions to deliver such programs. We also take ownership of delivery & post- implementation support, monitoring & reporting services to ensure the continued success of your digitalization initiatives.



Our team has combination of skillsets, process domain know-how and technology expertise, which helps in addressing diverse requirements of Digital transformation in process industry. We play digital transformation execution partner (Dx-Ex partner) role to uncover value from digital investments customers have done. Following are few of our Dx-Ex capabilities:

Dx Consulting

Gap assessment, Benchmarking, Dx Roadmap, Identification of Use cases, Benefit Analysis/ROI, PMC, etc.).

IT -OT Integration

Implementation of Historians, MES, Industry Data Ops, Data engineering, Data Lake set-up on cloud, Cloud infrastructure management etc.

Process Data Analytics

Tridiagonal Solutions Chemical 4.0 practice leverages Industry 4.0 tech stacks to implement Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation solutions.

Advanced Data Analytics

Tridiagonal Solutions bespoke solutions tailored to support the industry requirements leveraging the advanced capabilities such as digital twin, custom applications and connected analytics.


Tridiagonal Solutions Chemical 4.0 practice leverages Industry 4.0 tech stacks to implement Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation solutions.

Energy Optimization (Sustainability)

Building predictive emissions monitoring systems for carbon footprint reduction, Opex-based and Capex-based carbon abatement.

Process Simulation

Steady-state simulations for process debottlenecking/ optimization. Dynamic simulation (OTS) for effective start-ups and shutdown.

Generative AI

Generative AI (LLMs) has the potential to transform the way industry has been operating over the decades. With more than a quarter of data residing in unstructured format.


Upskilling and training (level 1, level 2, level 3) for Digital tech stacks such as AI-ML, Time-series analytics, Python, Cloud AI-ML (Azure, AWS), etc.

Accelerate your digital transformation projects with Smart Apps and Time-to-value (TTV) program

Integrate ready-to-deploy smart apps with your existing IT-OT infrastructure and scale across plants.
Codified apps with guided workflow to address the business problems in process manufacturing

Connect ready-to-deploy smart apps to your existing IT-OT / Industry 4.0 infrastructure such as historians/ data lakes, edge software’s, Industry data ops platforms, COTS analytics tools, etc. We have codified the AI-ML smart frameworks with best practices of deploying end applications (smart apps) for process manufacturing such as production optimization, predictive quality, predictive maintenance (of critical assets), energy optimization, safety, etc. Leveraging these frameworks allows the industry to implement the ML models at scale.

Smart Apps: Compressors, Pumps, Bioreactors, Furnace, Smelters, Heat exchangers, Golden Batch, Distillation columns, Evaporators, Virtual metering, etc.

TTV 33 program tab- Save 33% of scaling efforts and maximize value (ROI) out of Dx programs with Time-to-value accelerator (TTV-A 33) program

The TTV-A33 Accelerator program is Digital transformation (Dx) execution framework to ensure faster scale-up and quicker business value realization for your digital transformation programs/projects. TTV- A33 program is an outcome of our global experience, which is designed to ensure successful deployments and quicker roll-out at scale of advanced analytics use cases.

Our large customers have derived much quicker business value by adopting the TTV Accelerator program – A recipe for 33 X - SCALE-UP AND VALUE CREATION.


Industry domain know - how with technology (digital) expertise.


Explore the breadth and depth of our digital transformation solutions in process manufacturing.

Why Choose Us

Why Tridiagonal?

300+ experts with masters and Ph.D’s in chemical engineering. 
Consulting Expertise
Consulting Expertise
Extending over 100 man-years globally to Fortune 500 clients.
Industrial Data Ops Solution
Tailored to optimize operations and decision-making.
Engagement models
Engagement models
Flexible options including time and material, dedicated centers, and project-specific arrangements.
Value Creation
Value Creation
Deploying best practices and methods to efficiently create and deliver value for customers. 
Multi Skilled Expertise
Multi Skilled Expertise

Team having exposure and expertise of developing scalable solutions across multiple platforms.

Implementation partner for following solutions

Practice Heads

Praveen Kapse
Praveen Kapse
Vice President and BU Head
Parth Sinha
Parth Sinha
Head of Process Data Science
Sandeep Kulkarni
Sandeep Kulkarni
Director - Program Management
Kedar Vechlekar
Kedar Vechlekar
Delivery head DMO

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