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Chemicals & Petrochemicals -
Dx Transformation in Process Manufacturing

Industry Overview

With ever growing demand of the consumer products, it is of utmost importance to minimize their unit manufacturing costs in real-time operations. This requires efficient operations with reduced waste, less energy consumption and increased productivity. Data-driven techniques for real-time manufacturing process optimization and monitoring are beneficial to achieve . Business can use data analytics to predict equipment problems, find inefficiencies and match production schedules to demand.


Dx Opportunities

We possess a deep understanding of the distinctive hurdles encountered within the chemicals and petrochemicals sector. From navigating intricate regulatory frameworks to managing the intricate interplay of supply chain dynamics, our holistic strategy directly confronts these industry-specific challenges. Employing advanced data analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling, we provide actionable insights that yield tangible outcomes, propelling our clients toward enduring prosperity in an ever-evolving landscape.

Energy Management

Reduce the overall energy consumption of utilities including boilers, turbines and air compressors. Optimize the steam consumption across process facilities by minimizing the product off-specifications

Fuel and steam consumption optimization, minimizing the carbon footprint for the process facilities, reduction of process waste

Improved Uptime

Predict the failure modes of critical rotating and static assets through early event detection. Prescribe the corrective actions by incorporating the failure mode libraries based on the historical events.

Compressors performance prediction, heat exchangers end of cycle prediction, dryers, evaporators

AI Based Inferential

Predict the critical quality variables such as yield, viscosity, sulphur content and product composition in real-time which are infrequently samples at low frequency.

Soft sensors for yield prediction, mass composition prediction in real time

Process Optimization

ptimize the cycle time and yield of batch and continuous processes through deep learning based optimization toolbox. Improve the catalyst deactivation rate for efficient reaction kinetics and increased productivity of processes.

Raw material consumption optimization, golden batch analytics, OEE, decision support system for efficient control of distillation columns, improved reaction for furnace operations

Generative AI

Leverage the zero shot and few shots LLMs to interpret and analyze the unstructured dimensions. Integrate the interpretation from quality reports, product compliance report, incident reports and many others for improving the productivity and gaining deeper insights about the operational dynamics.

Alarm report analytics, RCA/Incident reports correlation with real time process anomalies, conversational AI for real-time production information.

Operator Training Simulator (OTS)

An Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is a high fidelity, computer based system that enhances operator skills, safety, and efficiency in complex industrial environments by providing a realistic, risk-free training environment. It ensures operators are well-prepared for both routine and emergency situations, contributing significantly to the overall success and safety of the organization.

Realistic Training Environments, Risk Free Simulations, Scenario-Based Learning, Performance Tracking, Knowledge Retention, Regulatory Compliance are the highlights of OTS.

Use Cases

In the arena of Chemicals and Petro chemicals’ continuously expanding market landscape and dynamic shifts, digital technologies remain indispensable in boosting the solutions for a myriad of industrial challenges spanning the entire quality series within the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Here, we present a curated list of use cases specifically tailored to shop floor interests, aimed at addressing a diverse array of challenges encountered within these industries:

Accelerate your Dx transformation projects with Smart Apps and Time-to-value (TTV) program

Integrate ready-to-deploy smart apps with your existing IT-OT infrastructure and scale across plants.

Tridiagonal Solutions launches ‘Process optimization framework’ for manufacturing industry. We optimize processes for energy, efficiency, quality using cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise. From custom column design to process intensification, we're driving innovation for a sustainable future.

Leveraging these frameworks allows the industry to implement the ML models at scale.


Time to Value program leverages advanced scalability frameworks to deliver superior analytics solutions to manufacturing industries. Designed for rapid implementation, our program ensures larger delivery with unparalleled speed and efficiency. By utilizing scalability frameworks, we significantly reduce the time and cost associated for standard approaches. and accelerates deployment, allowing manufacturers to quickly gain insights and drive improvements in their operations. With our program, clients benefit from faster, data-driven decision-making, enhanced productivity, and a swift return on investment, making it the optimal choice for modern manufacturing analytics projects.

Why Choose Us

Why Tridiagonal?

Team new
300+ experts with masters and Ph.D’s in chemical engineering. 
Consulting Expertise
Consulting Expertise
Supporting global leaders in their Dx transformation journey with our industry expertise.
Solution new
Frameworks which allows for improving the OEE, Yield and reducing the overall carbon footprint.
Engagement models
Engagement models
Flexible options including time and material, dedicated centers, and project-specific arrangements
Proven Track Record
Value Creation
Deploying best practices and methods to efficiently create and deliver value for customers. 
Multi Skilled Expertise
Multi Skilled Expertise

Team having exposure and expertise of developing scalable solutions across multiple platforms.


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