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Sand Screen Erosion Testing

We provide screen erosion testing services in dry gas, wet gas and liquid flows. Both Quartz and Silicon Carbide can be used as erodents. Typical particle size ranges from 10 to 50 micron. Sand fines are injected in a once through mode so there is no reuse of sand particles. The screen fixtures are typically removed, inspected and weighed every 2 hours to help build a time history of the erosion process. The test is typically conducted over a 40-hour period during which the increase in weight loss, reduction in pressure drop and change in screen integrity over time is captured. Microscopic images reveal the evolution of the erosion pattern on the screens.

Coupon sizes2 or 4 inch
Superficial gas velocity5 to 80 m/s
Superficial liquid velocity0.01 to 10 m/s
Sand Flow Rates5 to 20 kg/h
Particle size10 to 50 microns
Pressuresup to 8 bars


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