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Large Diameter Erosion Test Facility – Dry Gas, Wet Gas, Multiphase and Liquid flows

Tridiagonal operates three erosion loops to conduct erosion tests in dry gas, wet gas, multiphase and liquid flows.  The loops can achieve up to 80 m/s of gas superficial velocity and 10 m/s of liquid superficial velocity in a 4-inch test section. Studies are done with in a once through sand injection mode. So, sand is not recirculated. An in house designed sand injection system injects sand particles ranging from 10 to 450 microns. For slurry flows, a slurry tank is available to prepare slurry. Piping sections mimicking subsea and the top side lay outs can be set up and analyzed for erosion.

Pipe sizes2, 3 4 and 6 inches
Superficial gas velocity5 to 80 m/s
Superficial liquid velocity0.01 to 10 m/s
Sand Flow Rates5 to 50 kg/h
Particle size10 to 450 microns
Pressuresup to 8 bars
Test sectionscarbon steel, stainless, Inconel and other exotic materials
Erosion measurementUT, ER probe, Coupons
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Case Studies

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